Cato Chief Fire Extinguisher Cabinet, 20 lb.

Cato Chief Fire Extinguisher Cabinet, 20 lb.
  • Item #: FEC-20

Cato has been providing the quality Chief fire extinguisher cabinets since 1984 and is the world's largest manufacturer of plastic fire extinguisher cabinets and protective covers. The Chief cabinets protect the extinguisher from weather and any ambient conditions that might jeopardize its use. The elimination of metal reduces the chance of personal injuries and reduces the possibilities of product liability insurance claims. The unique design of the Chief cabinets also reduces vandalism and theft.

Made in the U.S.A.
Cannot rust
No sharp corners
No glass to shatter
No paint to chip
Pitched drainage
Natural ventilation
Fire retardant
Lower freight cost
Less storage space
Easily cleaned
No padlock required
High density injection molded
All sizes in red or white
Lower replacement costs

Surface or semi-recessed installation
Cylinder lock with key
Red or white injection molded plastic protective lock cove
Red or white injection molded plastic hammer with flexible torsion and ribbed grip
Stainless steel clear nylon jacketed mechanical cable
Grid-scored, UV resistant break panel for improved emergency access
UV resistant instruction label for break panel
Protective frameLower maintenance cost

Red bodies shipped with red hammer.
White bodies shipped with white hammer.
Red frames shipped with red protective lock covers.
White frames shipped with white protective lock covers.

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